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Who we are

GreenkardPro gives creative professionals an advantage on luxury items with discounts and special offers of up to 70% on top brands and creative businesses all across the UK.

What we offer

GreenkardPro is a discount program for creative professionals of all ages, in media, music, fashion and the arts and students in professionals creative courses.

We Care

We understand the financial difficulties affecting creative professionals and aim to lessen this by providing them with affordable quality products and services.

Lots of Possiblities

We promote our business partners and market their products and services to our members within the creative community and they in turn offer discounts to our members.

Whilst working within the creative industry, we identified various financial difficulties facing the creative community. This is the only industry where many work for free or below minimum wage. The jobs are often irregular, from busy periods to ‘dry spells’, with professionals still needing the essentials to survive. There is also the need to stay ‘visible‘ in the industry, by getting essential resources such as ‘Headshots’ for actors or ‘Demo tapes’ for musicians, which cost money.

GreenkardPro is here to help! We aim to lessen this financial burden through our discount program. GET THE CARD NOW and access over 3000 discounts available through our esteemed partners. Can you avoid to miss out?

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GreenKardPRo offers membership packages to students, creative professionals and business partners, follow the links below to find out more.

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