In addition to the great discounts we offer, our members can enjoy many other benefits including;

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[dt_sc_pricing_table_item_two color=’grey’ heading=’Benefits of Basic Membership’ subtitle=’Basic membership features’ ribben=’Best Plan’ price3=’Free’ text3=’Yearly Subscription’ button_text=’Subscribe Free’ button_link=’’ button_size=’medium’ animation=”no-animate” target=”_parent”]

  • Free Newsletter subscription
  • Access to GreenKardPro workshops – Full Price
  • Access to GreenKardPro events – Full Price
  • Advertise on the website – Full Price

[dt_sc_pricing_table_item_two color=’green’ heading=’Benefits of Pro Membership’ subtitle=’All basic membership features plus’ ribben=’Best Plan’ price3=’£29 £19′ text3=’Yearly Subscription’ button_text=’Get The Card Now’ button_link=’’ button_size=’medium’ animation=”no-animate” target=”_parent”]

  • Access to the website forum “The Green Room” (Including jobs, marketplace, industry specific discussion board)
  • Access to our Resources section (opportunities, advice, news)
  • Priority access to GreenKardPro organised workshops from Basic Membership
  • Eligible for GreenKardPro discount card
  • Eligible for available freebies and giveaways
  • Priority access to GreenKardPro events
  • Priority access to Q&A with industry experts
  • Discounted advertisement on the website